QAT Global develops solutions for CA Gen that help you keep pace with the speed of technology.

QAT Global is a CA Smart PartnerQAT Global works closely with business and technology leaders to deliver solutions that leverage QAT’s software foundation allowing our customers to transform their legacy systems to their competitive advantage.

QAT Global provides leading services around the CA Gen product including legacy modernization, product upgrades, training, application development and maintenance outsourcing and IT staffing. Leading products include multiple CA Gen plug-ins for productivity and development as well as enterprise components for application security, workflow and dynamic table management.


CA Gen Legacy Modernization

Practical and Incremental Modernization

QAT Global brings a proven software and services approach to legacy modernization called Rapide. Rapide allows us to provide fast and easy reuse of existing models to create state of the art mobile, browser, and desktop applications using our expertise in established CA Gen development principles and skills. Learn More

Business Process Management for CA Gen

Business Process Improvement and Rapid Automation

With over 10 years of experience in business process management, QAT Global can empower your business users and align their needs with IT production. Agility BPM℠ is a BPM tool that offers a simple user driven approach to rapidly develop manage, and monitor business processes. Learn More

CA Gen Products

Productivity, Development, Security

QAT Global provides world-class solutions around the CA Gen product. Leading products include multiple CA Gen plug-ins for productivity and development as well as enterprise solutions for web development and business process management. Learn More

CA Gen Training

Group, Individual, and Expert Training & Mentoring

We offer training and mentoring to organizations and their employees in developing and integrating systems using the CA Gen product. With a long history as a world class CA Gen product and service provider, QAT Global is uniquely qualified to train and mentor students in the best practices for CA Gen. Learn More

CA Gen Products

Practical and Incremental Modernization

Upgrading to a newer release of CA Gen can be a complex task even if you don’t consider the ramifications on your application and the toolset infrastructure. QAT Global has the expertise to help you plan and execute your upgrade to a newer CA Gen version with minimum hassle and risk. Learn More

Bestshore Delivery Model

Onsite, Offsite & Bestshore Development, Maintenance, & Management of Software Applications

At QAT Global we offer bestshore combinations of onsite, offsite and offshore development, maintenance, and management of all or a part of the software applications for our clients. Learn more

How can you reach us?

Looking to learn more about what makes QAT Global your top partner for CA Gen? We’d love to connect with you and discuss your company’s goals and what makes us the right partner for the future. Call us at 800-799-8545 / 402-391-9200 or email us at