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We’re in the business of moving your ideas forward and delivering business results by helping you find ways to capitalize on change, leverage emerging technologies effectively, and out innovate competitors. Get Started

From Concept to Production

To drive business growth, you need to bring innovation wherever it’s needed — whether to fast-track new initiatives, update inefficient legacy systems, or take advantage of new technologies and channels. QAT Global gives you the speed and agility you need to drive your most critical business needs.

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Identifying High-Value Opportunities

Helping clients increase their profitability and minimize risks through strategic consulting services that identify actionable high-value optimization opportunities, address critical challenges, leverage emerging technologies effectively, and transform product and business operations. Find Opportunities

Driving Organizational Innovation

We help clients apply technology advances across their organization to achieve new levels of productivity and effectiveness. Ready to define, design, and execute smarter IT strategies and processes for IT infrastructures that are modern, efficient, redundant, scalable, configurable, and cost-effective?  Innovate Today

Selected Products & Services

Translating emerging technologies into business opportunities. The future is now. Let’s put it to work. Discover Business Opportunities

Agile Development
Collaboration-centric development methodologies deliver business value while achieving a high degree of risk mitigation for clients.See What Agile Can do For You
Mobile Development
Out innovate your competitors with QAT Global’s mobile application development services.Go Mobile
Connecting innovative technologies to provide practical solutions for what matters most.Find Your Technology

About Us

Experience Results, Experience Partnership, Experience Leadership

QAT Global helps our clients solve business problems by translating advanced technologies into high value solutions through our repeatable agile development approach, strategic consulting services, product engineering, and custom engagement models. This starts by helping clients balance insight and ideals with strategic action and is followed up with the creation of next generation web software, desktop software, mobile applications, social media applications and other custom software solutions. Most importantly, throughout our relationship we always place the interests of our clients first.


Our overall philosophy can be summed up by:

Manage the Risk.

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Market share business? Customer satisfaction business? Big idea business? QAT Global can help.